Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nestle Toll House vs. All Recipe's Big Fat Chewy Cookie

Which recipe is the BEST?

To start off, I want to explain why it took me this long to post these entries. Apart from sheer procrastination, lack of supplies, my kitchen being unavailable and my neurosis of only baking at midnight; I screwed up on my recipes.

Both recipes I tried called for packed brown sugar. I used Sugar in the Raw. It looks like white sugar, but it's brown. It's not packed. And evidently, it makes cookies taste like cake. My Nestle Toll House cookies tasted like cookie-cake and didn't look at ALL like the Nestle Toll House cookies when I baked them from their pre-made dough.

After the disastrous turnout of my first batch, I lost my faith and attention and screwed up on the All Recipes batch. Instead of blending the wet ingredients and slowly adding the dry ingredients. I lumped them all together in one bowl and put on the electric mixer. I don't think it blended the ingredients properly because while baking the cookies looked multi-shaded. Some parts were lighter than others.

All in all, I learned 2 very crucial lessons--(1) when following a recipe, don't compromise with ingredients and (2) follow the recipe.

Should be pretty straightforward, right? Blah!

Coming back to the results, after re-baking both batches I was truly TORN on which batch I liked better. I personally loved both cookie recipes. I passed them around to my family and friends and out of 20 people, 15 preferred the Nestle Toll House recipe.

I guess Nestle Toll House would win this Chocolate Chip Cookie Bake Off; however, just so you know...nobody thought the other recipe was bad. They loved it as well. They just thought the Nestle one had a slighter edge :)


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