Friday, February 26, 2010


Jell-O Flan (Eggless)

Today's entry is not a recipe, but a product review. Jell-O has a flan mix that is so easy and so good it's insane! Until I find a recipe for flan that I'm content with and tastes like authentic flan, I think this product suffices!

It's the perfect combination and balance of easy, cheap and delicious! The best part is that it's eggless so for anyone who is a strict vegetarian or has egg allergies--this is for you!

For a little background on can get the history below this video, or speed up to around 1:10 on the video below to a definition that sounds just about right to me--"it's a delicious custard"--and Becki Newton's reaction sums up my sentiments pretty well! Note in the video, it's pronounced FLAHN.

I always thought flan was conceived in Mexico, but turns out it was popular in the Roman Empire and the caramel custard found it's way to Spain. Christopher Columbus actually brought the delicious dessert to the Americas! The word Flan comes from the Latin word "flado" (translates to flat cake) which later became flaon in French.

Now, the recipe for this flan is pretty much on the box. However, I have experimented with the instructions by replacing whole milk with other supplements (evaporated milk, condensed milk, skim milk) and found the following:
  • Evaporated Milk in place of whole milk produces a creamier flan. I prefer using evaporated in place of whole milk.
  • Condensed milk is disastrous! The Jell-O does not set right and ends up like pudding with little sand granules.
  • Skim milk works just as well, but it's not as firm
Because this is a recipe you refrigerate, you can put flan in a mold of your choice and place it on a plate with ease before serving.


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