Friday, January 29, 2010


The Best Guacamole in the World

I wanted to switch things up a bit and include a recipe that doesn't necessarily involve baking. Guacamole has to be one of my favorite foods. I love that essentially, it's just mixed raw vegetables. I think it's one of those foods that the beast in me could eat daily for the rest of my life without getting bored.

For those unaware, Guacamole is a Mexican dish that varies in it's ingredients from region to region. The most commonly accepted ingredients for "traditional Mexican guacamole" are avacado's, white onions, tomato, serrano peppers and lime juice (this ingredient is KEY in preserving the light green color of the mashed avacado). Historically speaking, Guacamole can be traced back to the Aztecs who referred to it as "ahuaca-mulli" which literally translates to avocado sauce. Due to the simplicity of the dish, the Aztec version is almost identical to the version we eat today!

The Aztecs believed avocado to be an aphrodisiac (I don't know about avocado's, but guacamole's sure work for me =P ). The Aztecs referred to the avocado tree as "Ahuactuatl" which literally translates to "testical tree". They believed that the fruit hanging in pairs on the tree resembled the male testicles and that the interior fruit part of the avocado had a sensuous texture.

Avocado's have numerous health benefits. Listing them would make this already long post unbearable. So just to name a few--lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, improve quality of skin and hair, etc.

Here is, in my opinion, the best Guacamole recipe in the world! The best part is, you can't go wrong with this recipe! If you like onions, just add more; if you hate them, just add less! This is one dish that can bu customized to any taste palette!

P.S. To prevent the guacamole from turning brown, use fresh lemon/lime and save the avocado pits and place in the guacamole.

Lime/Lemon Juice
Kosher Salt

Cutting Board
Utensil to Mash Avocado (Masher, fork, etc)

1. Dice tomatoes, onions and jalapeno.
2. Chop cilantro.
3. Cut avocado in half and remove pit.
Note: If the avocado is not soft on the outside, place it in a brown paper bag to soften overnight.
4. Take a spoon and remove the avocado from its shell.
5. Using a potato masher or fork, mash the avocado until it's chunky.
6. Add the diced and chopped vegetables into the chunky avocado.
7. Add salt/lemon to taste.
8. Serve with Tortilla Chips


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