Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baker & the Beast

Since this is my first post, I decided to devote it to explaining my reasoning behind choosing the name—Baker & the Beast.

Needless to say, the name is a pun on Beauty & the Beast. In the case of my blog, the “Beast” is metaphorical for many things—the calories in those delicious baked goods, the temptation for something sweet and the constant battle between what you want to eat and what’s healthy to eat, and the obstacle of learning to cook something edible!

Why did I make this blog? Well, I don’t have any professional or ambitious expectations for this blog. I pretty much made it because I love to bake, I’ve hoarded hundreds of recipes from the internet, from my family, from books and magazines and still manage to be in a rut cooking the same baked goods over and over again. I figure a blog, and a few readers, will give me that much needed kick to my gluteus maximus, medius and minimus (yes, our behinds are composed of three layers of muscles, and no, I’m not a nerd).

I also made this blog because I am a creative person who is working in a non-creative field. I figure this is the perfect way for me to channel my inner creativity by allowing it to reflect in my baked goods, as well as my waist size.


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